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» Eco-design and creativity in Bangalore

Eco-design and creativity in Bangalore

Eco-design and creativity in Bangalore


Raahul Khadaliya

is a passionate Indian designer, looking for sustainable design solutions that respect the environment. In 2011, he founded his agency "Studio ABCD" and offers eco-design services to customers.

Aware that his immediate environment contains a mountain of untapped resources destined to become waste, he gave life to a brand "The Second Life". His new approach to design is reviving old know-hows and techniques. He uses little energy and processed materials during production. This solidarity-based approach gives work opportunities to vulnerable rural populations and allows to train more people, making more communities autonomous.



It is in his Bangalore studio that Raahul gives free rein to his creativity to give birth to beautiful and useful products.



Tyres and felt scraps are transformed into notebooks, cases, pens, coasters ... The falls of printing paper become lamps, stationery, photo albums ... As for the newspapers and cinema posters, they are transformed into gift papers and have become his flagship product. With more than 3,000 films a year, India is the leading producer of posters. This raw material is collected by villagers who, with the help of old prints, a little ink with water and know-how, decorate it with traditional patterns and give it a new life.