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» Responsible consumption: The 3 applications to adopt

Responsible consumption: The 3 applications to adopt

Changing our lifestyle habits for a more responsible consumption ? This is the issue that more and more people are choosing. There are many ways to achieve this. Minimalist lifestyle, waste recycling, ethical consumption or zero waste, the choice is not lacking.

Moreover, with the advancement of new technologies, new actors of sustainable development have appeared: mobile applications.




1 - Geev, donate the items you no longer use

Geev logoLogo geev




Geev or the anti-waste application. This French app allows you to donate objects or food to avoid the trash. In addition to avoiding throwing away many objects, this app helps the most needy by offering them bicycles, vases, household appliances and anything you no longer need. Geev now has nearly 2.8 million users. Its donation system has put no less than 9 million items back into circulation and saved over 340,000 items of food. With Geev, responsible consumption is within reach.













                                                                    2 - To Good To Go, the anti-waste app to adopt




In the family of responsible applications, To Good To Go (TGTG) is one of the most used in France. Its anti-waste promotion system gives the opportunity to all food brands (bakery, supermarket, restaurant...) to sell absolutely all their products. By this action, the food reaching their expiration date are saved in extremis. In figures, TGTG gathers 9,1 million users and more than 20 000 actors of the food industry. Moreover, its solidarity movement has already saved more than 26 million meals.















3- Viji, become an ethical fashion




Where do your clothes come from? This is the question Viji answers. As with food, we should know the origin of our clothes and their history. The application helps you better understand the quality and production conditions of your wardrobe. With a quick capture of the barcode of an item, you receive access to all this information.












New actors of responsible consumption are born every year. The sustainable areas taken by storm are multiplying and new technologies are not spared. Among them is the mobile application. Easy to access, mobile applications can become a real daily tool for more responsible and ethical consumption.

Geev, To Good To Go, Viji, are part of these applications that facilitate your responsible consumption mode. Of course, there are hundreds of them on cell phones today. It's up to you to choose the ones that suit you best.


And you, what are the responsible applications you use every day?


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