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» Burkina Faso, the second life of the dead trees

Burkina Faso, the second life of the dead trees

Originally from Gourmantché (Burkina Faso) and France, our artisans Soumaïla and Marie preserve and value the environment by giving a second life to dead wood.

Their goal is to save, recover and transform dead wood into outstanding lumber and designer products. Thanks to the talent of our craftsmen, each creation reveals the beauty and the identity of the wood, making each piece a unique work.

They also commit to reforest the area with the establishment of a tree nursery. They educate the population about deforestation and the protection of the environment.

"As a consumer of wood and polluter on our planet, I would like to focus on our planet while inviting artisans, artists and other creators to think about our planet and its future in their artistic creations. Our raw materials are rare commodities, and will become more and more rare everyday...! Preserve our environment. Soumaïla

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