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About Us

Rangoli embodies a humanist vision : an upcycling and zero waste store with a strong commitment to solidarity.


Whether it is on our marketplace or in our upcycling store in Paris, you can find eco-responsible creations. The craftspeople and partners we work with combine ethics and eco-design.


We strive for a fairer, more humane and environmentally friendly economy. Through our projects, we are committed to:

  • preserving our planet’s resources thanks to an upcycling approach;
  • creating fulfilling and innovative job opportunities;
  • ensuring craftspeople can live off their creativity and skills;
  • recycling used products so they get a second life.

Rue Rangoli : a story of connection


Patricia Lavocat is the founder of Rue Rangoli, upcycling and zero waste store based in Paris. She was born in Pondichéry, a little piece of France located in India where she spent the first 10 years of her life. She previously worked in international cooperation for about 25 years. During her numerous travels in Asia and Africa she met outstanding craftspeople.


These people strive on a daily basis not only to offer environmentally friendly products, but also to create innovative and fulfilling job opportunities for local communities. Each product carries a story and embodies an ideology of production and consumption more respectful of our planet and people.


Patricia’s ambition with Rue rangoli is to offer visibility and recognition for these projects and the craftspeople who work for a better world everyday.


Upcycling and zero waste : the core of our approach


Circular economy and a zero waste lifestyle are based on 3 Rs : Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. Rue Rangoli offers upcycled products. Upcycling means taking used materials and turning them into high value products. This reduces waste quantity encouraging us to innovate and rethink our consumption approach and about limiting production. This approach has a crucial and positive impact for our planet.


We team up with craftspeople so discarded materials that have been sourced locally can get a second life: from tyres turned into leather goods, elephant dung turned into paper, or even discarded wood turned into natural speakers with no need for a battery or a wire connection… We help our partners distribute their products and work with them on exclusive creations designed collaboratively. Our craftsmen and craftswomen lead with resourcefulness to find innovative and responsible solutions.


Eco-design : creativity and aesthetics


Rangoli is above all a traditional indian art (from the sanskrit Ranga which means to color to to dye). Every morning, women decorate the threshold of their house with drawings made from rice flour, either white or dyed. Every evening these creations are then erased to leave space for a new one the day after.


These ephemeral mandalas represent not only the impermanence of everything but also an invitation to remain open to the world, to welcome others and be supportive of them. These are the values Rue Rangoli strives for. Every creation in our shop is an object of pleasure also designed with a concern for aesthetics combined with these values. We aspire to show that any waste material or used good has value when you know how to use it creatively. Consuming more ecologically does not mean making concessions on quality and beauty.


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