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Our artisans/designers

Live from the shantytowns of Delhi
Live from the shantytowns of Delhi
Swechha is a team of twenty passionate young people who dream of a more fair, equitable and respectful world. Read more
Eco-design and creativity in Bangalore
Eco-design and creativity in Bangalore
Raahul Khadaliya
is a passionate Indian designer, looking for sustainable design solutions that respect the environment. In 2011, he founded his agency "Studio ABCD" and offers eco-design services to customers. Read more
« Solidarity is not a privilege reserved for a selected few but a right accessible to all” Read more
Mahima & Vijendra had a crazy idea: exploiting elephant dung to make paper. Read more
Marichia and refugees in Italy
Meet our Refugees
Marichia went to meet the refugees who met daily at Rome's Termini Station with the hope of giving them a little dignity and getting them out of their isolation. Thanks to her determination and her humanity, she convinced a dozen refugees to embark on the collection and processing of plastic and paper waste in Rome. Read more
Kapil is the founder of a small Indian company which gathers designers, engineers, marketing experts, and craftsmen all looking for sustainable solutions for the environment. All of his products are made out of the inner tube of used tyres.

Why Tyres ? Read more