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» Top 7 responsible fashion boutiques to dress today

Top 7 responsible fashion boutiques to dress today

Shaking up trends for a more ecological and ethical fashion can seem complicated. How to find affordable brands? How do you know if a brand is ethical or not?
In the 21ᵉ century, fashion is one of the most polluting sectors in the world. It is in all, no less than 10,000 liters of water that are used to manufacture a pair of jeans. That's about 143 five-minute showers. And I'm not talking about the 12,000 new clothes created by Zara every year, the water pollution linked to dyeing, and the exploitation of workers in some countries.
Fortunately, consciences are evolving and some brands have decided to take the plunge by specializing in ethical fashion. And the least we can say is that their clothes are worthy of the biggest brands. Because yes, responsible fashion does not necessarily rhyme with old fashion.
Responsible fashion means a lot. It responds to issues such as overproduction or the consumption of environmentally unfriendly products. With this in mind, brands are opting for sustainable materials with low environmental impact. Take organic cotton for example, in addition to being more sustainable than traditional cotton, it requires less water and does not use chemicals.
Other than organic cotton, the French are also getting closer to two phenomena: that of upcycling and that of second hand. Both contribute to the reduction of waste. The difference is in their manufacturing process. Upcycling reuses your materials to make new while second hand changes the hand of the owner. New fashion brands dedicated to eco-friendly fashion are multiplying. And among them, some nuggets are emerging.
Who are they? Where do they come from? Discover 7 responsible fashion boutiques.
1. Marlene Rougier - Second hand and upcycling
This is the brand all the influencers are talking about. Specialized in women's fashion, Marlene Rougier deconstructs vintage clothes to bring them up to date. Recently, she collaborated with the brand Tommy Jeans at Citadium in Paris. This collaboration shows her growing notoriety towards the big brands.
marlene rougier boutique eco responsable
In the world of ethical fashion, Palasana stands out with its collection of organic unisex clothing. These clothes are made in Peru, using organic pima cotton. In addition to having the particularity of being very soft to the touch, this cotton is unique in the world. The brand is also certified by several labels including Slow We Are. Labels that confirm the brand's commitment to causes such as access to employment and the fight against climate change.
Palasana boutique de mode responsable
Doing upcycling 100% made in France. This is what Anais, the creator of Les Récupérables, has done. Based on the observation that the quality of clothing has dropped and that demand has exploded, she chose to reinvite the clothing sector. The process is simple: to meet the actors of the textile industry and to offer them to give a second life to their old factories.
Les récupérables boutique de mode responsable
The idea behind this name is to promote designers from the upcycling design. Presented as the marketplace of upcycling, Reiner reinvents fashion and makes it popular with everyone. With its plethora of designers, the brand shines in France and internationally with a unique wardrobe.
Reiner boutique de mode responsable
5. Zeit
Haute couture, small series and upcycling are the three words that characterize Zeit. Founded in 2010, the brand's vision is to popularize high fashion with striking and committed collections. Each collection is produced in their workshop in the Paris region, which promotes short circuits. 
Boutique de vêtements upcycling
Ecoalf was born from the observation that the planet's natural resources are consumed indiscriminately. Here, each garment is made from recycled materials. Through its collections, the brand wants to send a message: If we want our children to have a beautiful future, it is our responsibility to protect the planet.
Ecoalf boutique de mode durable
Resap gives new life to your old clothes. Indeed, the company has chosen this material in the creation of its collections. By this choice, it wishes to fight against the overproduction of the textile industry. Its objective is also to democratize upcycling by offering affordable prices and DIY kits.
Resap boutique mode upcycling
Brands specialized in upcycling design are growing. Maybe we'll see some changes in a few years? 
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