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Natural soap made in France
You will become addict to our soaps made with natural products in France. They are beautiful, they smell delicious and so comfortable to use that you skin will thank you !
Magnetic soap dish
Perfect for maximizing the life of your solid soaps and shampoos, up to 160g, by keeping them dry. Reusable for several years and repositionable, you can take it when traveling.
Reusable zero waste ear cleaner
A zero waste ear cleaner in charme wood and medical stainless steel made in France, reusable for life as economical as it is durable. Light and discreet, you can take it anywhere when traveling.
Organic solid and vegan toothpaste
Better than a conventional toothpaste! A small amount is all you need to clean and shine your teeth naturally. 🍃
Coconut tripod soap dish Made in France
We take you on a trip to Reunion island with our handmade coconut soap holders, 100% natural, vegetable and Made in France. It will keep your soap dry between uses with its holes and feet.
Natural Solid Conditioner Made in France
Our solid conditioner bar is created for all hair types. It contains sweet orange and lime essential oils and is laced with cocoa butter, argan oil and sweet almond oil. Very soft for your Hair !
Natural shampoo solid bar Made in France
Shampoo made with hair loving oils, butters and conditioning wax. Not a gimmick, these rich, solid shampoo bars effectively cleanse and moisturise to leave your hair looking nourished and healthy
Natural soap made in France - Orange Calendula
The perfect solid soap gift box with 2 natural organic superfatted soaps without essential oil, a magnetic soap holder to keep your soap dry and extend its life and a soap net.
Natural soap made in France - Orange Calendula
Antioxidant superfatted Body & Face soap with sweet orange essential oil and inclusion of calendula leaves, certified organic, cold saponified, very moisturizing and very tender.
Natural soap made in France
Invigorating and refreshing body & face superfatted soap with Palmarosa essential oil, certified Bio Cosmos Organic, delicately lemony cold process soap with floral notes, very moisturizing
Mini travel set of Natural Shampoo and conditioner solid Made in France
Set of mini shampoo with green and red clay and conditioner with cocoa butter and argan oil and essential oils in travel size that slips easily into your toiletry bag.
Tarp soap or storage pouch
Upcycled pouch, made from recycled, waterproof tarp, it is ideal for carrying your solid soaps or shampoos when traveling without getting your belongings wet, made in France.