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Stationery set for mom
To celebrate Mother's Day, Rue Rangoli pampers all moms and moms-to-be with the “Maman Équipée” gift set. Inside, discover a carefully chosen selection of iconic upcycling stationery products. Each item, from the pencil to the pencil case, not forgetting the greetings card to wish happy Mother's Day, is carefully crafted by our committed artisans from recycled materials.
Mother's Day gift set - Maman sait tout faire
To celebrate Mother's Day, Rue Rangoli is pampering moms with the iconic “Maman, c'est tout faire” gift set. Inside, discover a selection of everyday essentials, accompanied by an envelope and a greetings card to express your affection and wish her a happy Mother's Day. Bonus: an introduction to upcycling and zero waste, because a mother deserves the best!
Zero waste solid shampoo and conditioner set
A zero-waste hair care set with a fragrance-free solid shampoo and a solid conditioner contained in a chic box made of recycled cardboard and a coffee grounds design.
Birth gift box Topponcino + 3 months jumpsuit
Original, unique birth gift box, jumpsuit and a Topponcino Montessori to ensure the newborn has good support for his body and his head and give him a feeling of security.
Natural zero waste coconut candle which become a plant
Candles with organic and vegan vegetable wax handmade in France with a unique concept. Rather than throwing them away once consumed, turn them into plants and give them a second life.
Natural soap made in France - Orange Calendula
The perfect solid soap gift box with 2 natural organic superfatted soaps without essential oil, a magnetic soap holder to keep your soap dry and extend its life and a soap net.