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What is zero waste? If upcycling is a virtuous process, reducing our waste is even more so. Much more than a consumption mode, zero waste is a lifestyle! Let's do our bit to help preserve our environment. 


Adopt zero waste on a daily basis by discovering our selection of ethical and eco-responsible products: solid cosmetics, reusable food packaging, stainless steel bottles, lunch boxes, reusable paper towels, ecological detergents, furoshikis, reusable gift packaging...


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Reusable saree gift bag
Pack differently with our reusable and colourful gift wrappers. Made with upcycled sarees, our pouches are very easy to use, put your gift inside and tie a cute bow.
Tote bag rue rangoli
The Rangoli tote bag represents, a traditional indian art inspired from nature. Made on the entrance of the house, the rangoli is beleived to give strength, generosity and a positive energy.
Guide to zero waste Paris
3000 tons of waste are collected in Paris per day, this guide offers us 120 addresses to reduce your carbon footprint but also advices, resources,... a bible of zero waste!
Totebag Eiffel Tower backpack
An ultra-light, 100% recycled multi-use bag in canvas made from plastic bottles to wear as a totebag or backpack with an exclusive illustration by the talented Maya Peres.
Bread Bag new generation - Eventails F
A bread bag like no other, modular 4 in 1, it transforms in no time into a bread basket, a baguette bag, shortens for other formats and when folded, slips into your bag or even in the pocket.
Natural zero waste coconut candle which become a plant
Candles with organic and vegan vegetable wax handmade in France with a unique concept. Rather than throwing them away once consumed, turn them into plants and give them a second life.