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» The survey: what to do with stale bread?

The survey: what to do with stale bread?

You haven't even stepped through the door of the bakery, when the tasty smell of freshly baked bread makes your nostrils tingle. You ask the salesman: "3 baguettes please" thinking that these will be enough for your family meal. But here it is, 1 baguette is left on your hands and you have no way to keep it fresh.
The next day, worried about the future of your bread, you rush to find an anti-waste solution to avoid waste.
What to do with stale bread? We tell you everything.
Que faire avec du pain rassis ?


What to do with stale bread ?

Your stale bread for a chewy recipe
In the family of anti-waste food solutions, we find the recipes. Indeed, it remains the simplest solution: revalue this French monument in delicious recipes to make yourself.

Stale bread croutons

At first glance, stale bread is not very appetizing (if at all). However, its crunchiness can help you achieve great feats like this garlic crouton recipe. We are already salivating! To cook them, you will need: pieces of stale bread, 2 cloves of garlic, salt, pepper, a little anise, thyme, rosemary and olive oil.
Prepare your spices by mixing them first, then add the croutons. Once mixed, place it in a hot oven for 10 minutes.
That's it, it's ready!
A good practice is to eat them in a salad or soup.

French toast

Normally made with toasted brioche, this time we will leave it aside and replace it with stale bread. And believe me, this recipe has nothing to envy to the original recipe. To do this, dip your stale toast in the egg white and milk mixture and brown both sides for one minute each.
For those who love Italy, we have a variation: the stale panettone as French toast!
All that's left is to find a more gourmet name and taste the dish.

Stale bread pudding

If you think of pudding as a cake, then there are plenty of stale bread cake recipes. Pudding is one of the oldest cakes in the world. Dating back to the Middle Ages, the rural poor used to put meat in a mixture of dried fruit and alcohol to preserve it through the winter. The resemblance with a cake was such, that the English decided to cook it with sugar and spices. This is when the pudding was born! A multitude of recipes followed, one of which was made from stale bread and I'll share it with you right away:
When we talk about using stale bread in new recipes, other actors are getting involved. Here are 3 ways to recycle your baguettes:

Bread beer, everyone's going for it

Every year, we're lucky enough to meet many of the upcycling design players. In 2021, the Cocomiette brand let us taste their bread beer. The result is clear, the beer is very good!
It must be said that the first beers were already made with bread. In fact, at that time, it was called "liquid bread" and was used as currency or cosmetic. Since then, practices have evolved, transforming bread beer into malt and hop beer.
In addition to its taste, it contributes to an ecology without food waste. This industry works with the help of bakers and restaurant owners who provide them with unsold bread.

The bread of today is the bread of tomorrow

This quote is not from us unfortunately. Even if its meaning may seem philosophical at first glance, it describes the situation perfectly. I was in the south of France, near the Gorges du Verdon, in a pedestrian street, when I crossed the path of Emile. He gave me this anti-waste tip that all bakers should use. It's quite easy to implement, and consists in reusing the stale bread from the day before to make fresh bread. For his part, he uses 30% of stale bread flour in each of his bread sticks. And all his customers are satisfied.

The crumbler turns your stale bread into flour

"Crumbler" may not sound familiar. However, bakers know it well. The Crumbler is the machine that recycles stale bread into breadcrumbs. It is from this ingredient that new responsible recipes are born. We could even put them in the "anti-gaspi recipes" category in our local bakeries. The device is now installed in nearly 150 food establishments!
What to do with stale bread... Finally, the recipes are simple to make. Stale bread can be tasty when properly recycled. Bakers will use the Crumbler, to transform their unsold bread into responsible recipes. Homeowners will use their creative abilities to create cakes, French toast, cookies and other recipes we'd all like to try right now. And beer drinkers will opt for bread beers as a change from the classic lager, white or amber.
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