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Gourmet upcycling food

Our Parisian grocery store highlights a new way of consuming food products. Here, we make a point of forging anti-gaspi partnerships with our local producers. This way, we make a sustainable circular economy work: ugly fruits and vegetables destined to be thrown away are recycled into delicious jams, stale bread is transformed into beer and spent beer is transformed into noodles. Moreover, some of our partners bring us an important social approach in our eyes. This is the case of the cafés joyeux, which employs people with disabilities. 


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Coffee N°0 decaffeinated from Café Joyeux Brand
This Joyeux decaffeinated is grown at an altitude of 1000m in Chiapas, this arabica is decaffeinated with mountain water. It combines gourmet notes of dried fruits, dates and hazelnuts.