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The history of Rue Rangoli



Rangoli illustrates the humanist vision of Patricia Lavocat, the founder, to combine the fight against exclusion with sustainable development.


"I am originally from Pondicherry, a small corner of France in India, where I lived for the first 10 years, where I drew my great sensitivity to development issues and chose to anchor my career in the values of cooperation. It is a territory with great inequalities that conceals a human wealth that I have always wanted to develop.

Resilience allows the emergence of talents and unusual objects..."



Subsequently, by crisscrossing Africa and Asia for over 20 years to meet development actors, we have been lucky enough to make beautiful encounters: men and women passionate and driven by the same values of ethics and solidarity.


They have chosen to put their skills and know-how at the service of disadvantaged or fragile populations and to fight every day to improve their living conditions.


From these meetings, Rue Rangoli was born.




We dream of a fairer, more human and more respectful economy for the planet.


An economy that would offer innovative and rewarding job opportunities by allowing craftsmen/designers to live off their creativity and talents.

An economy that would not contribute to depleting the planet's resources, but to preserving them.

An economy that transforms used products into wealth.

Of an economy based on overcycling and committed design in the service of our daily life

An economy that respects nature, our nature.