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The second life of old tyres


The story of our craftsman Kapil


Kapil is the founder of a small Indian company which gathers designers, engineers, marketing experts, and craftsmen all looking for sustainable solutions for the environment. All of his products are made out of the inner tube of used tyres.

Why Tyres ?






1kg of incinerated tires emits 1,72 Kg of CO2 and 4 centuries are necessary for a tire to biodegrade. The tire is therefore a source of significant pollution for the planet. It is extremely harmful for animals that swallow rubber in the wild.


Yet it is a material that has many advantages:

It has an important longevity and a strong resistance,

It is completely washable and waterproof,

It is a good alternative to leather thanks to its pleasant and original texture,

It has a beautiful appearance after polishing.


In his own laboratory, after a long research on materials, Kapil designed models of handbags, computer bags, kits, wallets ... adapted to current aspirations and contemporary forms. He works with urban and rural communities and engages local artisans through his partnership with the Design, Environment and Innovation Center.



Kapil aims to:


Create ecological awareness and awareness of responsible consumption by organizing eco-internships in schools, universities and companies;

Protect the environment and reduce the carbon footprint by avoiding incineration;

Provide employment opportunities to artisans and rural communities.


All of his products are certified Vegan. 1% of their turnover is donated to conservation and wildlife organisations. To date, around 30 sustainable jobs have already been created thanks to his actions.

Eco-design and creativity in Bangalore
Eco-design and creativity in Bangalore
Raahul Khadaliya
is a passionate Indian designer, looking for sustainable design solutions that respect the environment. In 2011, he founded his agency "Studio ABCD" and offers eco-design services to customers. Read more