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What is the impact of paper production on our environment ?
What is the impact of paper production on our environment ?
Today, paper production is one of the biggest sources of environmental degradation, whether in terms of deforestation, water use or energy consumption. Faced with this problem, many people are talking about recycled paper. But recycled paper also has an environmental impact, albeit a lesser one. So is there an alternative? Read more
zero waste kitchen reusable products
6 tips to reduce waste in the kitchen
Reducing waste production is a goal that is being achieved little by little. Today we focus on the kitchen, which is undoubtedly the part of the house where there is a greater production of waste. In this article, we present you some tips to reduce your waste in the kitchen. Read more
The vegetable dye from vegetable peelings
The vegetable dye from vegetable peelings
Have your fabrics lost their intensity ? You don't know how to get their color back ? Read more
How to dress responsibly today
Top 7 responsible fashion boutiques to dress today
Shaking up trends for a more ecological and ethical fashion can seem complicated. How to find affordable brands? How do you know if a brand is ethical or not? Read more
what to do with stale bread?
The survey: what to do with stale bread?
You haven't even stepped through the door of the bakery, when the tasty smell of freshly baked bread makes your nostrils tingle. You ask the salesman: "3 baguettes please" thinking that these will be enough for your family meal. But here it is, 1 baguette is left on your hands and you have no way to keep it fresh. Read more
How to consume differently?
Deconsumption, how to consume differently?
In a world where over-consumption is an integral part of our lives, some people are taking the opposite path: collaborative consumption, local consumption, organic or/and bulk products, short circuits... Concerned about their health and the future of the planet, more and more French people are turning to a more responsible way of consumption. Is consuming differently an inevitable choice? Read more
Hand holding a phone
Responsible consumption: The 3 applications to adopt
New actors of responsible consumption are born every year. The sustainable areas taken by storm are multiplying and new technologies are not spared. Among them is the mobile application. Easy to access, mobile applications can become a real daily tool for more responsible and ethical consumption. Read more