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Icone ethique et sociale






Each product available online or in our upcycling store in Paris has been created with passion by our craftsmen/designers or partner companies in France and around the world.  They are all committed to a creative, social and innovative approach. We go to meet them to help them move from a survival economy to a solid and circular economy.  



icone terre






Rue Rangoli, it's also unique upcycling and zero waste gift ideas that tell beautiful stories. A large choice of eco-friendly products. Flip-flops saved from the oceans, elephant dung, used tires, coffee capsules and many other materials become real ecological works of art.





Puce rue rangoli






 We pay particular attention to the aesthetics and design of our products. In our upcycling zero waste store, ecology also rhymes with pleasure. With our designer artisans, we offer you a unique eco-responsible experience. What to please your loved ones with ecological gifts.


Most popular
Mangobeat ecofriendly wireless natural speaker  - Burgundy Sun
Mangobeat is an ecofriendly speaker without battery and energy, it amplifies the sound 5 to 8 times by the resonance effect of wood. Carved from mango wood, it is a beautiful decorative object.
Upcycling tree lamp
Inspired by the splendor of trees, this unique upcycling lamp, with a contemporary and elegant design diffuses a soft and soothing light, creating a warm atmosphere.
Guitar upcycled lamp
A unique, magnificent and very designer piece, this guitar lamp is a true technical feat, no visible wires, and the volume control has been transformed into a light dimmer.
Twinga girafe made with upcycled flip flops
Twinga is a majestic girafe carved from flip flops collected from the oceans. A true work of art, it will bring a colourful and artistic touch to your interior.
Chandelier brightening big bazar
Superb chandelier very design as beautiful lit as extinguished. Made from scrap wood and acrylic plexi. Handcrafted, this model will give a little coloured touch to your interior.
Palm leaf box
Black and white color boxes, leaves with a contemporary style and unique colors. Perfect for storing everything in the bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, decoration or even in reusable gift box.

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