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Reusable zero waste ear cleaner

Reference -RRLES001CO

A zero waste ear cleaner in charme wood and medical stainless steel made in France, reusable for life as economical as it is durable. Light and discreet, you can take it anywhere when traveling.

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Reusable zero waste ear cleaner


Say goodbye to disposable cotton swabs that end up in the oceans and make way for reusable ear cleaners. It is not a new invention, but the historic ear pick, that of our grandparents, professionals, pharmacies... The one that has proven itself, the accessory of good practices. Always used by health professionals, its effectiveness is no longer in doubt.


Beyond being ecological, it is also economical and will save you 365 cotton buds per year. The icing on the cake is that it is reusable for life. So the calculation is quickly done.


It is also a beautiful object made from charming wood in an artisanal manner in an art turning mill located near the Brocéliande forest in Ille-et-Vilaine. The small medical stainless steel shovel is manufactured by a specialized company located in Orne. Local and responsible manufacturing.


  • Size 8cm
  • Handle and cap in Hornbeam wood from eco-managed French forests - PEFC certified
  • 316 L medical stainless steel shovel
  • Water-based tint and natural pigments
  • Vegan ear treatment

Our partner company


Sylvie and Briac, at the head of a family business, have decided to bring our grandparents' ear cleaner up to date,

Their meeting with Jeremy, an art turner in Brittany, made it possible to bring the project to fruition with a local and responsible approach to which they are attached.


Given the materials used, each product is unique and may have some differences from the photo.


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