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Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

Valentine's Day gift ideas

Our Valentine's Day gift ideas for all tastes and all those who want to please in a different way!

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dark Chocolate chips breakfast cookies
A healthy anti waste cookies made from unsold bread and wheat bran from the manufacture of flour. Crunchy,cereal taste, the chocolate chips add a nice flavor.
Zero waste aperitif kit
A healthy organic anti waste crackers made from unsold bread and wheat bran from the manufacture of flour. Crunchy, cereal taste, with a strong taste of onion and oregano.
Soluble tea discovery pack "the classics"
Discovery pack of 3 tea classics finely ground and soluble organic ! Ready instantly without infusion with 6 times less leaves than a normal tea. Inspired by the Japanese ritual of matcha solu
Zero waste solid shampoo and conditioner set
A zero-waste hair care set with a fragrance-free solid shampoo and a solid conditioner contained in an I-pet box made from a soda bottle
Phone stand made with upcycled flip flops
A telephone stand like no other carved from flip flops collected from the oceans. A true work of art, it will bring a colourful and artistic touch to your interior.
Palm leaves kottan pouch wooden earrings
Small palm leaf pouch in unique natural colors. Perfect as reusable gift wrap or storage for jewelry, makeup remover pads, coins or any other small items.
Purse in chuchu leather
We take you on a trip to the islands with these bangle wallet made with chuchu leather, a vegetable also known as chayote or christophine.
Upcycling neck scarf from saree
Very trendy, the upcycling neck scarf or tie scarf is an essential and very feminine accessory. It can be used as headband or bracelet,... It is made from recycled saris in Paris
Tote bag unisex "jetaimealinfini"
An unisex totebag, the perfect gift for Mother's Day or to say "I love you" all the year, in cotton and seat belt, luxury upcycling for a chic urban style.
Zero waste travel kit Natural rose soap and mini loofah
A perfect travel kit with a mini loofah sponge 100 % natural to exfoliate your body. It Includes a natural Rose and geranium soap handmade in France and a net organic pouch.
Taya wallet made of recycled tires
This little Taya wallet is entirely made of recycled tires! Original and design, it allows you to carry your coins and cards. The tire is a resistant, waterproof and washable material...
Set of Bow tie and pouch in Shweshwe fabric
Set of Bow tie and pouch in Shweshwe fabric made from our unsold stock of masks. A traditional South African fabric 100% cotton a refinement of colors and elegance, an essential trendy accessory !
Face scrubbies with his palmyra pouch
Handmade crochet makeup remover discs with Gots certified 100% organic cotton, in its pretty little palm leaf pouch, an ideal zero waste gift for Mother's Day!
Heart chakra candle
Natural chakra collection candles in recycled bottles made from soy wax and essential oils. The heart chakra will help you love yourself and love those around you.
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