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» » » » Birth gift box Topponcino + 3 months jumpsuit

Birth gift box Topponcino + 3 months jumpsuit

Reference -RRSS001PNTS

Original, unique birth gift box, jumpsuit and a Topponcino Montessori to ensure the newborn has good support for his body and his head and give him a feeling of security.

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Birth gift box Topponcino + 3 months jumpsuit


The essential of the maternity suitcase


A perfect gift for newborns consisting of a Topponcino and a unisex jumpsuit made in France in an upcycled storage gift box with a coffee grounds design.


The Topponcino


The topponcino is the ideal birth gift : original, unique and above all very useful from baby's first days and for his first months.


The Topponcino, derived from Montessori methods, brings comfort, support and safety to the baby but also to young parents. For Maria Montessori, it is important to give the newborn a sense of security and to ensure good head support during the first months. Care must be taken to handle it, move it and dress it gently, as it is so delicate. The topponcino is a small support that allows baby to be carried in the arms, and which retains the warmth and smell of the newborn to give him a feeling of security.


He can thus pass from arm to arm while being well supported and remaining in his cocoon which soothes and secures him. It can be used anywhere on the cradle, to carry it, in the pushchair, on the floor, on a changing table,... Also ideal for putting baby to sleep, breastfeeding, transporting it, keeping it warm,... .


The  topponcinos are dressed in upcycled fabrics from sheet and trimmed with quilts, also upcycled


The jumpsuit


A light and loose jumpsuit that will accompany your child all summer long, in a carefree country spirit.


The wetsuits are made with fabric from ends of rolls from the pretty Moulin Roty brand, available in 4 colours in 3 months size.


An upcycled gift box


A recycled gift box with a coffee grounds design, reusable in a storage box, perfect for storing all baby's essentials.


Our partner


It was when her daughter was born that Camille decided to find a solution to dress her without compromising her future, her identity, her tastes and her universe. Her idea: to redo what our elders were already doing, namely working with old linens to dress the little ones. This is how Second Sew was born, a unique company that bets on dressing the little ones responsibly using upcycled fabrics and without putting aesthetics aside. Camille gets her supplies from the Relais or by forming partnerships with brands to use the ends of the rolls. She makes the clothes in French inclusive workshops.  An ethical brand integrating a responsible approach in its entire process.

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