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Our Disabled artisans in Vietnam


« Solidarity is not a privilege reserved for a selected few but a right accessible to all”


it is with this vision that Marichia, an Italian activist, founded Spiral Foundation, an American-Italian foundation.

A vision full of humanism with a conception of solidarity that consists of both receiving and giving.

A charity that is not based on giving money to the poor, but on giving them dignity so that they, in turn, can help the community and make a positive contribution to the society that helped them. Solidarity and the environment are thus inseparable in the actions led by Spiral Foundation.

Spiral Foundations’ goal: 

  • To fight against exclusion, by helping the poor come out of their isolation and anonymity to give them a sense of belonging to a community, restore their self-esteem and put them on the path to integration.
  • To make beneficiaries financially independent and able to support themselves and their families.
  • To allow them to help others
  • Contribute to the preservation of the environment by creating sectors to transform waste into beautiful creations.

Spiral Foundation has led or is leadin humanitarian projects in Nepal, Vietnam and Italy



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