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Upcycling vest made in Paris

Very trendy, this jacket is made from recycled jeans. Easy to wear on a sweater, a shirt, a T-shirt. Each model is unique.

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Upcycling vest made in Paris 


Very trendy, this vest is made from recycled jeans. Easy to wear on a sweater, a shirt, a T-shirt. Each model is unique. Bring us your djean we'll transform it into a unique bolero according your desire.


            - Waist height: 49 cm

            - Waist circumference: 76 cm 


Collection that comes either from new djean with defects and cannot be sold or from recycled djean.


Our partner stylist


Originally from Brazil, walda, a stylist, is settled in Paris from 2005. Her vision of upcycling

"At home, in Brazil, we don't throw anything away, we transform, we give new life to objects! I think back to the work that these men and women have spent on this garment : manufacturing, material, assembly ! Transforming enhances ; by doing this, we also revalue ourselves!


This history of our vest 

A photographer responsible for shooting photos of 400 jeans for a fashion brand found that the jeans had major flaws and could not be photographed, sold or returned to their place of production. These jeans were therefore entrusted to Walda who gave them a second life as a bolero. The jeans were unstitched in an inclusive women association and then walda gave free rein to her creativity.


"Performing in creative research, applying my training and passing on my know-how to these women on their way to integration is a gift! I am proudly part of a virtuous circle of upcycling with all the actors in this project. ".


Given the materials used, each product is unique and may present some differences from the photo.


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