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» Tribal Gond Tote bag

Tribal Gond Tote bag

Reference -RREWI001TBG

These unique tote bags are hand painted by artists from the Gond Tribe in India with nature as their central theme. A folk art, 3 to 4 days are needed to make a bag.

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Tribal Gond Tote bag

These tote bags are hand painted by artists in India. It is a tribal folk art called Gond from the tribe of the same name in central India. The theme of the paintings is mainly taken from folk tales and Gond mythology. The central theme of Gond paintings is nature. Gond artists portray nature in different ways in their paintings because they believe that human life and nature are intertwined. The realization of a bag requires 3 to 4 days of work.

  • Material :  jute and/or cotton
  • Dimension : 35x40cm

Our partner


These bags are made by our partner Suri in India who makes our zero waste products in his workshop for Rue Rangoli, in particular bulk bags and other bags for our professional customers. These bags are then given to artists in the Gond community who then paint on them.

With the advent of digital, this art is in danger, young people prefer to turn to other professions that bring in more. And the artists see their copied art photographed and printed digitally without any royalties paid.

With our partner Suri in India, we support these craftsmen to perpetuate their know-how by promoting the training of young people by their older peers.


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