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Root Chakra natural candle
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Root chakra natural candle

Reference -RRECT001CR

Natural chakra collection candles in recycled bottles made from soy wax and essential oils. The root Chakra will bring you confidence and stability.

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Root chakra natural candle

Discover all the benefits of our natural candle made from soy wax and essential oils in recycled bottles.

The chakras are our energy centers. Each chakra has a direct impact on our emotions and our health. We have 7 major chakras in the human body, which extend from the base of the spine to the head. These chakras allow our energy to flow through us.
When the chakras are working properly, the energy in our body is flowing, when it is not, this blockage affects us physically and emotionally. It is not always obvious whether we have an imbalance and which chakra we need to work on. Reiki, yoga, meditation, nutrition, crystals and essential oils can help us.


Root Chakra Candle : Atlas cedar and Chinese cinnamon


Each lit candle, thanks to the appropriate essential oils, will bring you confidence, stability and security.


Its Virtues: its fine and woody scent invites meditation. In energy psycho, atlas cedar oil is used to stimulate strength and courage. It is also recommended to help free oneself from drug addiction and addiction.
Chinese cinnamon, extremely powerful, stimulates the nerve centers, digestion and warms the body. Tonic and positivating, we avoid latent depression and dark thoughts.

  •  Large 33cl candle - 614g- 50 hours of burning and diffusion
  •  Handmade glass holder from wine bottles.
  • Zero waste: it becomes a pretty glass after use
  • essential oils : Atlas cedar and Chinese cinnamon

Our partner company:

EcoTotem is an ethical company, with a new vision of glass processing, in short circuit. Cindy, its founder, wants to give a second life to our glass waste, while bringing people together over a drink.


Given the materials used, each product is unique and may present some differences from the photo

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