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Colouring pencil from tamarind wood
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Colouring pencil from tamarind wood

Reference -RRPPOO010CCT

Distinctive and unique, this set of 10 colouring tamarind wood pencils is handmade. The graphite does NOT go all the way through the branch.

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Handmade in Thailand from dried branches of tamarind tree very widespread in Asia and used for its fruit.  After harvesting, the branch are cut and dried. The graphite is driven into part of the branches. 100 % natural and biodegradable. An ecofriendly and sustainable gift.


Our social enterprise partner


This creation was provided by our social partner in Thailand who implemented a totally ecological process to transform elephant dung into paper. Elephants eat a large amount of herbs every day. Their digestive system does not allow food to be crushed. Their dung is therefore full of fibers, at the origin of the manufacture of paper pulp. An elephant is 100kg of dung per day! Enough to save a lot of arbles, preserve our forests and create jobs in poor rural communities and protect elephants from tourism exploitation.


Given the materials used, each product is unique and may present some differences from the photo.

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