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Upcycling represents the action of transforming used materials into objects of better quality. Each upcycling creation we present is unique. They were designed by craftsmen of the world with a goal: to transmit ecological, ethical and social values to each of our visitors. In this category, you will discover Kapil and its bags and accessories made of used tires, or Whilemina and its furniture made of recycled plastic bags.


Find a large choice of upcycling items: notebooks made of newspaper, notepads made of elephant dung, backpacks made of used tires, yoga bags made of plastic bags, sustainable groceries and many other items...


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Notebook gift set from elephant dung
This refined gift set with festive colours is unusual, practical and made with elephant dung! 100% organic and odourless !
Ele Popo Yoga Notebook in elephant poo paper
Ele popo is doing yoga with this 50-page notebook made from elephant dung in India. 100% organic and … without smell!
set of enveloppes and sheets in elephant dung red
Make your precious letters travel with our sheets and envelopes made of elephant dung! 100% organic and odourless!
Colouring pencil from tamarind wood
Distinctive and unique, this set of 10 colouring tamarind wood pencils is handmade. The graphite does NOT go all the way through the branch.
I-pet -  box in soda bottle
I-pet is a Box made from the bottom of a soda bottle. Original, useful for storing your headphones, coins, jewelry box, usb flash drive, let your creativity express itself.