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Beeswax wrap bag Jurassic

Reference -RRSUB002BBJ

Beeswax wrap Jurassic bag is an ecological, reusable, healthy food bag. Ideal for wrapping and transporting fresh fruit, vegetable, bread, sandwich, snacks and keeping their freshness.

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Beeswax wrap jurassic bags | Set 3 beeswax bags

Using our set of beeswax wrap bags you can carry around your fresh and dry products. Easy to maintain, they can be washed and reused up to 2 years.


To use our beeswax wrap bags, all you need to do is crumple them up to warm them in your hands and make them malleable. Easy to seal and carry around, they are the ideal eco-friendly alternative to traditional wrappers. Take them everywhere with you so you can:

Carry your food groceries when shopping.

Preserve your food for picnics (sandwiches, snacks…).


This set is available in two patterns (jurassic or whales).


How to use them:

Wash with cold or warm water and soap.

Store in a dry place after washing.

Keep away from any source of heat (dishwasher, microwave, oven, etc.) and wait for cooked food to cool down.

Do not wrap raw food like meat or fish.

If the wrapper starts being less effective, rewax it using some of our beeswax drops.


This set of beeswax wrapping bags contains:

GOTS* certified organic cotton

3 sizes (S: 18x5x18,5 cm, M: 24x7x24,5 cm, L: 31x9,5x31 cm)

Sustainably produced beeswax

Tree resin

Organic coconut oil


About the social partner enterprise:


All of our beeswax wrappers are made in Thailand with a social enterprise. Their mission is the empowerment of Thai women from rural backgrounds.


*GOTS: Global Organic Textile Standard - label certifying dignified working conditions and an environment-friendly production.

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Beeswax wrap jurassic bags | Set 3 beeswax bags

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