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» » » Raw kitchen and bath natural loofah scrubber set of 3 sewn

Raw kitchen and bath natural loofah scrubber set of 3 sewn

Reference -RRSIT0033LNC

Our loofahs are 100 % natural. An eco friendly alternative to your kitchen sponges and for your body or to clean everything in the house, ethically made by women refugees in jordania.

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Our loofahs is 100 % natural, sewn, not sprayed, treated. An eco friendly alternative to your kitchen sponges, Use them to exfoliate in the shower, for your body or to clean everything in the house.


The loofah sponges are made from pure loofah plants.  They are completely biodegradable and compostable.


The loofah plant is a fast growing vine native to Asia and Southeast Asia, belonging to the cucumber family. They are cultivated throughout the Middle East, including Jordan. The loofah fruit is similar to a cucumber but much bigger. The inside of this fruit develops strong fibers, which are perfect for exfoliating and cleaning!


The natural loofah exfoliates and also stimulates blood circulation. It is hard enough to exfoliate and scrub, and soft enough to protect your skin

  • Dimension : 12,5x9 in dry form.
  • Set of 3 loofahs
  • Origin : Jordan
  • Durable for approximately 30 to 40 days

 How to use it 

  • Before your first use soak your sponge in water for 3-5 minutes allowing it to spand and soften.
  • Moisten the sponge and wipe the skin in circular motions.
  • Can be used with soap for a deep cleansing of the skin, rub your soap into the loofah.  The mesh-like texture makes it easy to foam using less soap with each use.
  • Rinse and dry well after each use
  • You can gently wash your loofahevery now and then in a bowl of baking soda which will increase its lifespan.

Our social enterprise partner 


These loofahs are made by Sitti a social enterprise founded by Noora and Jacqueline to support refugee women in the palestinian camp of Jesrah in Jordan. This camp is the poorest of the 10 refugee camps in Jordan. It all started with the manufacture of the traditional soap Nabulsi dating from the 14th century. The company has now broadened its range while perpetuating traditionnal know how. it creates sustainable employment opportunities for refugee women and has set up vocational training and education programs. About 30 jobs have been created impacting more than 200 people. Loofah are sourced locally in the farms and packaged in the camp.




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