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Mother's Day gift set - Maman équipée

To celebrate Mother's Day, Rue Rangoli pampers all moms and moms-to-be with the “Maman Équipée” gift set. Inside, discover a carefully chosen selection of iconic upcycling stationery products. Each item, from the pencil to the pencil case, not forgetting the greetings card to wish happy Mother's Day, is carefully crafted by our committed artisans from recycled materials.

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Mother's Day Gift Set - Maman équipée  

Discover the “Maman équipée” (Equipped Mum) set, which brings together a range of upcycling and zero-waste stationery accessories to make everyday life easier for a mom or mum-to-be. Here's what the kit contains : 

  • A small, multi-purpose mesh bag, ideal for storing important scraps of paper as well as carrying solid soap, essentials,...  
  • An elephant dung bookmark, perfect for marking your page at the end of a reading. 
  • Three pencils made from recycled newspapers, accompanied by a felt pencil case.
  • A cotton envelope and a greeting card made from elephant dung to wish a happy Mother's Day.  
  • A palm-leaf storage box for accessories, make-up, And much more.


Partner companies : 

  • The mesh bag was made by our partner Suri in India, in her workshop where she actively supports women from fragile backgrounds by helping them finance their children's education. Her mission is to offer sustainable, ecological, high-quality alternatives to plastic. 
  • The bookmark, greetings card and envelope were created by Mahima and Vijendra in India, using an entirely ecological process to transform elephant dung into paper, along with other materials;
  • The recycled newspaper pencils and felt pencil case were made by a Sedex-certified social enterprise partner in India, working to empower rural communities in southern India.
  • The palm leaf storage box is made by our partner, a Foundation committed to the revival of rural architecture, textiles and endangered skills in southern India.
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