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LITORE - Large terrarium

Do you live in a big city with no garden, but still want to bring nature into your home? With Litore, the large terrarium, it's possible and simple! You can put it in your bedroom, your living room or your kitchen, without having to take care of it every day. Pretty practical, isn't it?

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Litore - Large terrarium​


This terrarium, composed of fittonia and pepperomia, will grow quietly in the candy box, diverted for the occasion. Decorative, it's also an original gift idea to thank masters, mistresses, nannies etc. for the wonderful year spent with your little ones.


Here are a few instructions: 


  • Place the terrarium in a bright spot away from direct sunlight.
  • If you notice any moisture in the jar, open it for a few minutes. 
  • 3-4 times a year, spray the sides of the jar with non-calcareous water.
  • If you notice that the plants are growing very fast, you can prune them. On the other hand, if they are wilting, cut them back and remove the wilted plants, as otherwise they will contaminate the other plants. 

Our partner company in Paris


A plant lover, Olivia decided to take the plunge in 2022! Through workshops and terrariums, she passes on her 3 mottos to adults and children alike: 1) Everyone has a green thumb. 2) A plant is pretty, but also alive. 3) It doesn't take much to plant when you live in the city. ​

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