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» » » » Japanese garden, soluble organic ceremonial matcha Tea
Japanese garden, soluble organic ceremonial matcha Tea
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Japanese garden, soluble organic ceremonial matcha Tea

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The inspiration of our range of soluble tea, Matcha is a premium quality green tea from Japan with an emerald robe and a ground an umami taste. Ready instantly !

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Japanese garden, soluble organic ceremonial matcha Tea

We take you in a new healthy and sustainable tea ritual ! A premium quality drink ready instantly without infusion time, made with 6 times less leaves than a regular tea, without any waste and any compromising on flavor. No more single use bags or discarded tea leaves.


Finely ground tea soluble in water with a magnified test, organic plant in leaves or in whole flowers, to guarantee a picking and careful drying, the result of two years of research.

  • 100 % organic plants
  • No additives
  • Reusable, refillable and recyclable box
  • Stable taste without development of bitterness

Matcha is a green tea native to Japan, the bushes of which are shaded so that the leaves develop more slowly and concentrate their flavors. But it is above all known for its traditional grinding and its preparation ritual with a bamboo whisk. This is the source of inspiration of our range of tea. Discover this premium quality Matcha, with an emerald robe and umami taste. Its smoothness allows it to be drunk plain or with milk, for a more gourmet break.

  • Origin : Kagoshima Province, Japan.  Produced in the suburb of Paris
  • Average weight : 23g - 40 cups
  • Measuring spoon included
  • Composition : Organic matcha green tea

Our advice : combine it with our rebellious jams for a delicious healthy and zerowaste breakfast.


Our enterprise partner


Each year our tea consumption generates 15000 tonnes of waste without including packaging.  Camille sensitive to the preservation of environment, decides to face this problem by creating an healthy, delicious, easy to use, without waste, by promoting sustainable agriculture. Inspired by the ritual of japanese matcha tea, she offers us a soluble tea and infusions resulting from several years of research.  Joined by David they have won the bet ! The results is amazing ! They continue their adventure and research to offer us new flavors.


Given the materials used, each product is unique and may present some differences from the photo

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