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Hexawash Ecofriendly laundry
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Hexawash Ecofriendly laundry

Reference -RRSUB005HW

A revolutionary ecolaundry with magnesium detergent free, ethical, non polluting, hypoallergenic, economical, it lasts for 300 washes, does not require rinsing, removes dirt, odors, bacteria,...

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Hexawash Ecofriendly laundry

An ecolaundry good for you and the planet, a revolution for your laundry !


100 % ecological

Pouches in GOTS certified cotton using fabric from leftover production of our Super Bee wrap. Hexawash is filled with small magnesium pellets, detergent free, so no pollution of ou waterways and oceans and no pollution generated by the packaging.  When your Hexawash reaches the end of it’s life simply bury it in your garden. The organic cotton will biodegrade, while the magnesium fertilises the soil, helping your garden to flourish.

Save money

Hexawash lasts for more than 300 washes, an upfront investment on hexawash will save you more than 50 %. Skip the rinse cycle if your machine allows.  No detergent means no soap to rinse away.


Hexawash is hypoallergenic, meaning it contains no nasties that cause itchy skin and allergic reaction


How does it work ?


Hexawash is filled with small magnesium pellets, which when mixed with water, create hydrogen gas and magnesium hydroxide. This reaction results in an alkaline solution of around pH 10.5 in your washing machine. Negative hydorxide ions reduce the surface tension of the water, making it easier for dirt and oil to breakdown and be washed away.  Magnesium cleans your clothes as well as any detergent, whilst being kind to our waterways and planet.


How do I know when Hexawash has come to the end of its life ?


By wheiging it.  A Hexawash weighs around 120 g. While washing hundreds of loads, the magnesium gradually dissolves until there is too little to effectively clean your clothes. If it weighs less than 80g, it is time to buy a new one.


How to use it

  • Pop your hexawash in your washing machine with your dirty clothes and wash as usual.
  • Peg your hexawash out to dry with your clean clothes
  • it is ready to use it again
  • For very dirty clothes soak it with the clothes before washing

Our social enterpise partner


This product is handmade in partnership with our social enterprise partner in Thailand.  Antoinette, the founder has set up the objectif to combine people social and profit equally. She promotes women empowerment by creating employement in rural areas with fair trade working conditions while producing high quality standards zero waste products.

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