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Café joyeux

Café joyeux

We offer you the range of coffee produced by the social enterprise "Le Café Joyeux", coffee shops employing people with disabilities mainly with down's syndrome or autism.  High quality 100% arabica coffees and roasted in France and packaged by disabled people in Paris. The Café Joyeux select the best planters over 600m above the sea level.  Enjoy your coffee !

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Coffee N°0 decaffeinated from Café Joyeux Brand
This Joyeux decaffeinated is grown at an altitude of 1000m in Chiapas, this arabica is decaffeinated with mountain water. It combines gourmet notes of dried fruits, dates and hazelnuts.
Coffee N°1 The original from Café Joyeux Brand
The Original Joyeux is an ethical coffee 100 % arabica, coming from ethiopia and Costa Rica, it offers a perfect balance in acidity, body and sweetness. Intensity 4 out of 5.
The Joyeux Extra-Ordinary coffee N°2 from Café Joyeux Brand
The Extra-Ordinary Joyeux is an ethical coffee 100 % arabica round and soft as velvet, it will surprise you with its sweet freshness and its note of dark chocolate liquorice and plum.
Coffee N°3 The Joyeux Rayonnant from Café Joyeux Brand
The Joyeux rayonnant is an ethical coffee 100 % arabica, coming from Brazil, Colombia and Costa Rica. Round, ample and fresh, it leaves a note of butterscotch and red fruits. Intensity 2 out of 5.
Coffee N°4 The Strong Joyeux from Café Joyeux Brand
The Strong Joyeux is an ethical coffee 70% arabica and 30% Robusta, coming from India, Nicaragua and Vietnam. it is powerful, intense and round with woody and caramelized aromas. Intensity 5 out of 5
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