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» 6 eco-friendly places arround us that are worth a visit in the 6th arrondissement of Paris

6 eco-friendly places arround us that are worth a visit in the 6th arrondissement of Paris

Paris's 6th arrondissement is undoubtedly the most harmonious and diverse part of the City of Light, boasting Haussmann-style buildings and green corners where young people stroll and residents mingle on every street corner. This historic district is home to the famous Jardin du Luxembourg, where Parisian flora takes pride of place, as well as other addresses that can be just as green as the historic Jardin in the Quartier Médicis.  
Rue Rangoli offers you 6 eco-friendly and diversified addresses to spend a gourmet, but above all, responsible day in this emblematic district of the Capital.


  1. Les Saisonniers 

Primeurs, markets and Bio are the words that most resonate when we think of responsible French consumption, but they're also synonymous with high prices and poorly paid farmers. But what if we told you that Les Saisonniers has managed to combine authenticity, quality and, above all, solidarity for their stores. It's in the Rue Saint-Placide that Les Saisonniers have decided to put down their crates to open a new boutique, much to the delight of regulars on the cobblestones of Sèvres. The team behind Les Saisonniers insists on a reasoned or organic approach, which means no ugly cages or hormones for the animals. The team is committed to a responsible approach that is above all respectful of animals and producers, being meticulous in its choice of suppliers for meat products for carnivores, while not forgetting our herbivorous friends, the vegetarians, by offering them a wide choice of organic vegetables made in the Paris suburbs. We'd also like to add a placid layer (no pun intended) by telling you that the chains have incorporated solidarity tables in their stores, so that they can offer extra-fresh food to the homeless.


Find them at : 

62 rue Saint-Placide, 75006, Paris 📍


  1. Eden Bio


In the family of responsible greengrocers, I ask for the brother. A good choice? So, without further ado, we head for Eden Bio. Our next-door neighbors on the Cherche-Midi offer a wide range of quality organic produce, from fruit and vegetables (not bad for a greengrocer) to drinks and condiments. There's no need to wonder whether your fruit has come into contact with harmful products, because that's not part of the Eden Bio philosophy. The boutique further extends its prestige by offering its customers a wide range of PDO and AOC certified products, guaranteeing complete transparency on the geographical area and production conditions of each item, notably with their famous truffles, of which they are quite proud. So let yourself be tempted by this colorful, nutritious mosaic reflecting the Cherche-Midi's rays by visiting our neighbors, and don't forget to drop in on us first of course!


Find them at :72 rue du Cherche-Midi, 75006, Paris 📍

  1. Les Copains de Bastien


All these eco-friendly addresses can really work up an appetite, so let's head for a friendly address on the outskirts of Rue Vaneau. Les copains de Bastien is a chocolatier and, above all, a great bunch of people just around the corner from Le Bon Marché who offer you their finest delicacies. From chocolate bars and gift boxes to chocolate spreads and fruit jellies, Les Copains de Bastien offers a wide range of treats to enjoy on your own after a long stroll around the Palais de Marie de Médicis, or with friends and family. And if chocolate isn't French enough for you, the chain also recently launched a range of gourmet viennoiseries (oui oui baguette), giving you the opportunity to enjoy your delicious croissant in an idyllic setting, just like in the best scenes of your favorite TV series. But Les Copains de Bastien isn't just a place for the taste buds, it's for the heart too. The company works with people in precarious situations, helping them to reintegrate into the world of work by offering them training in the chocolate trade. A subject that has touched Bastien since his earliest childhood, and which has enabled him to open the doors of his sweet palate to the pleasure of the most voracious and committed among you. Choice, taste and a magnificent initiative, what more could you ask for?


Find them at : 

 56 rue Vaneau, 75007, Paris 📍

  1. Beussent-Lachelle

Let's continue our chocolate journey and head to Beussent-Lachelle on Notre Dame-des-Champs. Mix raw beans and fertile soil with a dose of fair trade and a pinch of short circuit, and you get, in part, a good Beussent-Lachelle ratatouille (not very appetizing read like that). The brand opens its umpteenth boutique on rue Saint-Placide, just 100 m from our friends Les Saisonniers, leaving you no excuse not to visit both. From small boxes of chocolates to larger ballotins and emblematic bars, our friends at Beussent fly over the Andes Cordilleras to land in Ecuador to offer their customers top-quality cocoa. As well as being committed to an eco-citizen approach, respecting the soil and the local population, Beussent-Lachelle wants to remain as transparent as possible with their customers, and offers them the chance to visit their creation workshops to see where the magic happens. With Mother's Day just around the corner, you've got a way to please your mom and the planet.


Find them at : 52 rue Saint-Placide, 75006, Paris 📍


  1. Hédonie

Hédonie, from the word hedonism (you guessed it!), refers to the pursuit of pleasure as the foundation of human existence, and that's the least we can say about the Rue de Mézières convenience store. Open for over 15 years, Hédonie has one motto: natural. In fact, the store offers its customers an unquantifiable choice of organic, artisanal and local products, while striving to remain as transparent as possible about the provenance of their products. So I can already hear you saying, “Yes, organic is good, but the food industry is responsible for over 10 million tonnes of waste every year”. That's where Hédonie stands out (once again) by committing to donating its unsold produce to charitable associations. It doesn't get much more responsible than that!



Find them at :  6 rue de Mézières, 75006, Paris 📍

  1. Valdico

To conclude this little tour of the City of Light, we suggest a detour to the southern coast. Take a seat aboard the Frecciarossa, let the Mediterranean breeze caress your hair and head for Italy. In the Rues de l'Abbé-Grégoire, your journey takes place at Fabienne and Alain, two lovers of Italy who have opened their typical grocery store: Valdico. An authentic, artisanal journey through the Val di Comino, between the Lazzio and Campania regions, awaits you in the store. From starches, sauces and oils to spreads and beverages (alcoholic or non-alcoholic), a range of over 200 products is available to help you make the most of your time on the Neapolitan slopes. Valdico is also a group of small local producers and their know-how, which our duo strives to bring to the fore in their daily tasks. The brand is committed to meticulously selecting the products it sells, working in partnership with small producers who put a part of the Vallé di Comico at the heart of their products, because at Valdico there's only one watchword: qualità. 



Find them at : 23 rue de l'Abbé Grégoire, 75006, Paris 📍