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Coco solid dish zerowaste
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Coco solid dish zerowaste

Reference -RRCOCOM001CV

Want to escape ! Our Coco solid dish zerowaste from polynesian islands is 100 % natural, very soft for your hands, economical, ideal for all daily dishes.

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Want to escape ! Our zerowaste coco dish solid takes you on a trip to the Polynesian paradise islands.  The emblematic tree of the islands, the coconut palm is an integral part of the local culture.

100 % natural soap based on cold saponified coconut, olive and castor oil and coffe grounds, scented with essential oils of lemon Eucalyptus, Eucalyptus smithii, Niaouili.  Very soft for the hands economical, it is recommended for all daily dishes.

Available in two sizes : 

  • poured into a reusable polished coconut bowl, when empty you can refill it with soap bar or use for any storage.  It is compostable and biodegradable. Weight 330 g
  • soap bar that can be used directly or as a refill with the bowl  Weight 220

This dish soap is guaranteed without any chemical surfactant (SCI, SCS, or other tension-active), without preservatives, without palm oil, without animal fat, without EDTA and without dye or synthetic perfume.

Our advice : drain well after each use for a longer conservation.  Use an ecologigal sponge, a tawashi or a loofah like in our image (not supplied).

About our artisan

This soap is made in Polynesia by Stephanie, a biologist, after a career in teaching in France, she now devotes herself to her passion in her workshop using a resource in abundance in Polynesia, the coconut.  The richness of its oil, its potentially very creative shell allows it to offer a more natural and healthier alternative for our environment and for ourselves.  All her creations are enriched with milk, water or coconut oil.


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