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Products in recycled tyre tube

Recycled tire wallet
Luciole is a card holder or purse according to your desires, made of tire inner tube, very practical thanks to its small size, it fits everywhere.
Waterproof shoulder bag made of recycled tires
Tamarin is a waterproof shoulder bag made of recycled tires. Its patterns inspired by ancient Indian art gives it a lot of elegance, it will be your companion for all occasions
Laptop cover 11 inches in recycled tire vegan
Made of inner tube, the Chinkara computer bag will be ideal to carry and protect your computer or tablet up to 11 inches. Inspired by ancient Indian art, its patterns give it a great elegance
Laptop cover 13 inches in tire vegan
Made of recycled inner tube, the Nilgaï computer bag is perfect to carry your computer or tablet up to 13 inches. Its printed pattern inspired by ancient Indian art gives it a great elegance.
Tablet cover made of recycled tires vegan
Swan is a tablet cover made of recycled tires. Ideal to travel without fear, as washable as waterproof, it is made from inner tubes.
Recycled tire portfolio
Chic and elegant, Castor is a wallet made of recycled tires. Made from inner tubes, it is both washable and waterproof. Resistant and light, it will be your everyday companion.
Waterproof backpack made of recycled tires
Koala is a unisex backpack made of recycled tires, as washable as it is waterproof. Equipped with many storage compartments and a computer compartment.
PANDA 15 inch recycled tire tube laptop bag vegan
Travel in style and elegance with your Panda recycled tire computer bag. Its capacity allows it to accommodate a computer, but also files or personal effects.
Taya wallet made of recycled tires
This little Taya wallet is entirely made of recycled tires! Original and design, it allows you to carry your coins and cards. The tire is a resistant, waterproof and washable material...
Vegan binder made of recycled tire an felt
Bindi is a vegan binder handmade in India with recycled tire, felt and paper. Durable,resistant, refillable with your own sheets, it will protect your sheets from any hazard.
TOPI 15 inch laptop bag made of recycled tires
Chic and trendy, resistant and waterproof, Topi, your 15 inch laptop bag made of recycled tires, will accompany you everywhere and in any weather, with discretion and elegance.
Waterproof bike backpack made of recycled tires
Elegant, waterproof, ecological, discover our Rue Rangoli backpack. Made with recycled tires, it is resistant to even bad weather
Multipurpose upcycled pouches
Our Multipurpose pouche is handmade with upcycled tyre tube, with on the side waste wood and recycled felt. You can use for your tools, or to protect your favorite products or as a evening bag.